๐ŸŒบHow my 7 day week has turned into 8๐ŸŒบ

Today is day 88 without a drink. It’s been a crazy ride; the highs and lows scribbled into my little green gratitude journal. With pink butterflies. Glancing back over the entries I realise something bizarre, beautiful and unexpected has happened! I’m finding it pretty cool, so thought I’d share it with you. I think this exiting little discovery presents a wonderful prospect if you’re newly sober.

The purpose of today’s post is to share my little discovery with you: how my 7 day week has turned into 8.

The boozing days…

Back in the boozing days, catching up with friends for that ‘after work drink’ happened regularly. But let’s be honest, it was never an after work drink. I don’t know why I used this silly reference, referring to alcohol using the singular tense. It should be plural – after work drinks! Perhaps I was trying to minimise how much I drunk by only referring to a drink? More of a socially acceptable reference? Denial?

Alas! I’m getting distracted. Back to the feature in today’s little memoir.

So, back then, sleeping until 7:00am during the week was nothing new. I would regularly push my alarm to the limit, pressing snooze and wanting to throw my phone across the room. I would wait to the latest possible moment before getting out of bed and ready for work. Then, in the weekends, a Friday or Saturday night out meant a sleep in until 10am was a standard affair on at least one or both of the weekend days.

Today’s bright-eyed and bushy tailed days…

These days, I have noticed three main things that have caused my 7 day week to turn into 8.

  1. I’m finding I don’t need as much sleep. Rather than 8 hours I now only need 7. So, I’m getting up between 5:30am and 6:00am five days a week***. Hours gained: approx 5
  2. I no longer require hungover sleep ins during the weekend – let’s say until 10:00am. Firstly I think this could be because I’m not a hungover, useless waste of space and secondly, because I’m not tired from a late night partying on the booze. These days, I get up between 6:00am and 8:00am (at the very latest!) during the weekends.  Hours gained: approx 3
  3. I no longer spent hours drinking in pubs or at parties getting smashed… one night of drinking could easily waste another five hours! Hours gained: approx 5

The hours saved have been conservative. When we add these up: 5+3+5 =13 hours. Volia! There we have it; I have literally gained an extra day in my week.

In closing, I think this exiting little discovery presents a wonderful prospect if you’re newly sober! This little discovery wasn’t something I had read or heard about. It just kind of happened. It’s been amazing; I now use my early starts to complete my gratitude journal, do yoga or meditation, prepare for my working day and generally have ‘me time’ before the world wakes up.

Here are some mid-morning photos from my weekend brunch at the beach. In the boozing days, I would not have experienced, appreciated or enjoyed this little slice of paradise in this manner. That’s because I would have been either in bed hungover or unhappy to be dragging a headache to the beach. Now life is a beach. And I have 8 days a week to enjoy the beach.

As always, thank you for reading. Xoxo

***If you’re thinking right about now I’m a lunatic for getting up at this crazy hour, you are right! My inspiration was the 5am Miracle by Jeff Sanders. He has a podcast (the 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders) and helpful information on his website, he’s a legend! https://www.jeffsanders.com/

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