🔥The power of clear head during civil defence emergencies🔥

This morning New Zealand woke up to flooding across parts of the country. Evaluations from homes, schools and businesses took place during the night and continue in some areas this morning. More rainfall is expected over the next 24 hours.

Waking up to civil defence emergencies, while it can be scary, sadly, it is not new for us. Late last year we experienced a raft of earthquakes that rattled homes, resulting in evaluations from our homes to higher ground in some areas due to tsunami risks (our area included).

Communities rally together.

In tough times like this, Im so grateful for the way communities rally together. Friends, neighbours, work colleagues and families look out for each other and have evaluation bags at the ready. I am thankful for our communities’ resilience, alertness and compassion that extends across the county. The Kaikoura earthquakes last year showed how the country got together and helped out when the going gets tough.

The power of the internet has helped and continues to help many – Radio New Zealand offers credible, up to date information on what is currently happening with the this morning’s floods.

Sobriety is a gift.

It’s time like this when I realise that being sober is a gift. It was too easy during the October quakes to self medicate the stress associated with weeks of aftershocks with wine. But really, if we had to evaluate our homes/workplaces ASAP,  deal with work matters and help friends and neighbours, being fogged by alcohol could put lives at risk. Literally. Tsunamis, earthquakes and flash floods wait for no one. If my judgement is compromised by alcohol in these circumstances and something happened to someone I love, I’m not sure that I’d be able to forgive myself for being so stupid and selfish.

Next steps.

There is little I can do right now to support those further up the North Island being evaluated. Whose homes, farms and workplaces are being ruined. Although I can pray for them and keep across Civil Defence and updates , should a call come out for care packages and/or other requests for help.

Take care out there everyone. Be safe, be ready.

I took this photo approximately 1am on the morning of 14 October, 2016. We were high on the hills surrounding Lyall Bay; our home is down there. We were required to evaluate to higher ground after a suite of severe earthquakes rocked the country just after midnight. Aftershocks continued for weeks.


My morning commute pictured below is wet and wild in Wellington. But I am thankful that everyone is safe and I am sober to respond to any emergencies that may arise, with the clearest head possible. Sobriety is truely a gift.

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