🏞The ultimate sober challenge: weekend away with friends πŸž

Sunday night and we just got home from a weekend away with friends. Lots of fun, laughs and yes, LOTS of alcohol. 

Friday: the drinking kicks off

From before we arrived on Friday night, it had already begun. Friends who beat us to the hotel were already ‘on it’. And fair enough – drinking is their thing, drinking is what they do. Just because I’m not drinking doesn’t mean they should not drink. And to be honest, I wasn’t compelled to join in the drinking. I was fine with no wine – I was comfortable having conversations with sparkling water instead. So far so good. Had an early night while others stayed up drinking… night #1 = successful. βœ”οΈ

Saturday: the drinking continues

People drunk on Saturday during lunch in the hot sun. People drunk in the afternoon. People drunk at the pre-dinner drinks. Then at the formal dinner and band all night, until midnight. 

Before I started this sober journey, I would have been right amongst it, wine with lunch, wine in the afternoon and wine through the evening. BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!!! I left at 11pm while others stayed up drinking… night #2 = successful. βœ”οΈ

Sunday: the drinking aftermath

As you can see, I didn’t drink a drop all weekend. To be honest, I didn’t want to. The thought of what drinking would have done put me off totally. If I drunk at any point during the weekend, I would have:

  • woke up hungover and full of self loathing
  • ruined my sober stretch (it’s day 113 today!)
  • spent heaps of money on overpriced drinks
  • probably made an obnoxious fool of myself
  • upset or offended friends and my BF, all of whom I love dearly because my filter came off
  • felt annoyed, upset and disappointed.

Its now Sunday 8:30pm NZST, we are home safe and sober. And I’m absolutely buzzing right now!!! πŸ’ƒπŸ½

Note that this journey hasn’t all been a bed of roses. I found this sort of weekend incredibly difficult during my first few months. But it seems to be getting easier the more times I experience events like this one. My sober experience is growing! 

The more frequently these social events crop up, the more confident and comfortable I seem to becoming around drinkers. Sure, people ask the same stupid shit like ‘You’re still not drinking yet?’ or ‘It must be so hard not drinking?’. I feel like saying ‘It must be so hard drinking?’ But instead, I smile and say something like ‘Still not drinking and still really happy’. And I say it because I mean it. 

Life is good. But isn’t life as a sober person is great?!!! Keep up the great work. We can do this. 🏞 xoxo

23 thoughts on “🏞The ultimate sober challenge: weekend away with friends πŸž

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  2. You go, Girl! I know the cha-cha-dance of wanting it, but not wanting it. Keep on keeping on–it feels great not to worry about speaking without a filter and fog-laden mornings where you can’t remember much of the night before. Life is good!

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  4. Wow, amazing!! I think when one sober person makes it through a drunken weekend, we all are stronger together!
    This really struck me: “drinking is their thing, drinking is what they do.” That could so easily have been used to describe me: “drinking is her thing, drinking is what she does.” Ouch. But so true. It was the goal of life in the old days.
    Isn’t it fascinating (and sad) to see other people get shit-faced? And then keep drinking? I find myself picking people out and thinking, “Mmmhmmm — your next on this sobriety thing.”
    Congratulations !!!

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  5. This is fantastic and really inspirational! I can’t wait to be able to do this as well. So proud of you for making it through a “drinking” weekend sober!

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    • Thanks Nomore41017, it’s a pleasure to be able to share this with you! Gosh I was surprised at how much easier it was this time around. My first sober weekend away with friends in January was hell. Just experience, I guess! Hope you are well, how’s the retreat prep going?


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