My Sober Vegas Vacation Kicks Off! How to Think Past the Drink. ✈️

After a 12 hour direct flite from Auckland, New Zealand, we arrived safely in Los Angeles. The warmth! The beautiful accent of the people! The free flowing alcohol. ✈️

Quick side note: if you’re wondering what this post is about, you can read more about My Sober Vegas Vacation here.

Back to the story. From the moment we hit the Air New Zealand Koru Lounge in Auckland New Zealand, the free alcohol started flowing. Everyone in our group was maximising this opportunity … except me. Then on the plane, plenty of free alcohol followed. Did I cave? No. Did I want a wine or three? Yes. Am I glad I didn’t cave? Yes. 

How I managed to get through the relentless offerings of free alcohol (and sadly, some peer pressure) was using a concept you’ve probably heard of called ‘think past the drink‘. It goes something like this:

  1. Awkward situation arises. In this case, airport lounges and planes where I’d typically have a few drinks.
  2. Recognise that you’re in a tempting situation and that you’re potentially vulnerable to giving in.
  3. Accept the fact that it’s not ideal so you need to act.
  4. Apply the following logic. If I have a drink now, then what. It is identifying the then what that’s key. For example: If I have a glass of bubbles in the Koru Lounge along with everyone else, then I will want another. Then another. After two glasses, all bets are off and I will probably have another two or three glasses on the plane, overeat at dinner, annoy my partner with drunken blabbering. Eventually I would fall asleep, have an alcohol-fuelled restless sleep, wake up with a headache and feel absolutely gutted that I ruined 130 days of being alcoholfree. Not to mention the disappointment and lows that follow… this is meant to be my Sober Vegas Vacation after all!!!

Why would I be so gutted? Because I would have given in to a temporary, stupid desire to have one wine that is never really one wine. Giving in would have been totally pointless and I would have ended up feeling like rubbish. 

We are about to touch down in Las Vegas and invariably there’ll be copious alcohol available and consumed by our group over the comming week. But that’s ok – it’s their thing, it’s their decision. Equally, it’s my decision to be alcoholfree and I’m hopeful that they’ll be respectful of that. In the meantime, I’ve got all you amazing, supportive and inspiring bloggers out there helping me out. Thank you so much! 

More to come. Thanks for reading, stay safe, stay true to you. xoxo💙🌏🙏🏼🦋

13 thoughts on “My Sober Vegas Vacation Kicks Off! How to Think Past the Drink. ✈️

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    • Thanks for the inspiration my lovely friend, so good to know! Daytime is easy, it’s the evenings when everyone is getting drunk and annoying that I can be bothered with. People change, don’t they. Not in a good way 😔

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  2. Awesome, well done! I remember so many dehydrated, horrible post-flight hangovers. Arriving fresh and ready to explore sounds so much better than arriving feeling like crap because you overdid it en route (which I always, always did). Have a wonderful time, looking forward to your updates 🙂

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