Day 7: My Sober Vegas Vacation

It’s 9pm and we just got back to our hotel. So hard to believe the Billboard Music Awards are going on less than 1km from here! But what’s harder to believe that I’m here and I’m still sober. Honestly, I didn’t think I could do it.

This afternoon, we did a helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon. What a beautiful country this is! It was so majestic. The sheer cliff faces and deep diving crevices had us all captivated. A once in a lifetime treat none of us will forget. Except perhaps those who were drunk… but that was their decision and not for me to write about here. Let’s get back to the exciting bits!

When we landed at the bottom, we got a light picnic and, of course, alcohol. A once in a lifetime opportunity like this would always be ‘celebrated’ with ‘a drink (rubbish, a bottle of wine ++) in the past. I acknowledge that. And, sure enough, most people got into it. But I didn’t. When I’m offered alcohol (which has been EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!!!!!) I have come to a realisation. I now think to myself: what would be the point of accepting this drink?

Because for me, it is seldom just A DRINK.

Drinking in the Canyon would have only left me dazed, foggy and less able to enjoy the experience. And possibly throwing up on the helicopter on the way home! No thanks.

As each day goes by, I’m so pleased to not be drinking. The sights, sounds, colours and opportunities in Las Vegas are so incredible; I have no desire to ruin it with a drunken haze. I will leave that for other folks here in Vegas. 

In closing, I’ll leave you with some pics from this evening’s trip including Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and of course, the majestic Grand Canyon. 🏜

Have a wonderful evening, friends xoxo

15 thoughts on “Day 7: My Sober Vegas Vacation

  1. so glad you took a helicopter ride to the grand canyon! it is SO BEAUTIFUL it’s hard to even believe! and GOOD ON YOU for your sobriety! so true, that ride back would have been way more uncomfortable with a bunch of alcohol in your belly πŸ˜‰ Hope the rest of the trip is fantastic!

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  2. It is amazing to be able to enjoy a vacation in a healthy, uncluttered, dazed not knowing or rembering state of mind….it’s an accomplishment and complete satisfaction to feel “normal” while having a nondrunk good time! Breathing in all the fresh air and enjoying nature as it was meant to! Kudos

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    • You hiked?!? Wow you must be very fit! It’s so overwhelmingly vast and invigorating.
      Thanks for your inspiration and support – I think I’m having more fun on my sober vacation than if I was drinking daily! Who wants to waste their days in the hotel sleeping and hungover?!? Not us.
      Ps I think I managed to comment on your blog – let me know xoxo

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      • Oh boy! It didn’t work.
        I don’t know how other WP people do it, but they do. I had to make an account on WP in order to easily leave comments on WP.
        We can just meet on your site!
        Are you going to see the Hover Dam?

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      • It didn’t work.
        Did you try selecting the name/URL option?
        Other WP people comment, so I don’t know what is the reason.
        But we can just meet here on your blog!
        Are you going to the Over Dam?

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      • πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ It’s probably me doing something dumb! Will try again this week. Thanks for the update.❀️
        We won’t be crossing the Dam this time but we did do it last time. It’s amazing, makes you feel sooooooo tiny! xoxo


  3. This is so heartening. I’ve always wanted to see these sights that you’ve just seen. What a wonderful experience.

    I feel like my journey with food in no way compares to that of yours with alcohol, but reading what you say about the experience of NOT having alcohol sounds exactly how it’s been for me – how it’s been since I stopped eating/drinking crap.

    “As each day goes by, I’m so pleased to not be drinking. The sights, sounds, colours and opportunities in Las Vegas are so incredible; I have no desire to ruin it with a drunken haze.” YES! This is how I feel nowadays. It’s the realisation. It’s how much more I enjoy the things around me. It’s how wonderful it is to be PROUD of myself for abstaining from anything that caused me to be ill before. ❀ I’m happy for you too!

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