Team New Zealand: winners of the 35th America’s Cup πŸ†

This morning before work, most of the nation woke early to watch THE RACE. We’ve been holding out for THE RACE for years… 14 years to be precise! That was the last time we won the America’s Cup. The last regatta, 2013, Team Oracle USA won (I won’t get into the speculations around cheating πŸ˜†).  More history here.

But this time, WE DID IT!!!! The entire country is so damn proud of our boys!!! A day of celebrations ensues! For a tiny island nation at the bottom of the world, our Kiwi ingenuity and sheer determination shon through. Sorry Larry Ellison, money can’t buy everything. To quote Grant Dalton:

‘We knew we couldn’t outspend them … we had to outthink them.’

Kiwis are a bunch of avid sailors, fishers and boaties. Being such a small country with beaches everywhere, it’s enabled most of us to grow up by the sea, in the sea (diving, spear fishing, snorkelling, swimming) or on the sea (fishing, waterskiing) at various stages. So we are all behind Emirates Team New Zealand with a passion.

Well done boys. You’re bloody legends! We’re so proud of you. Bring home the auld mug – we’ll see you for ticker tape parades across New Zealand towns and cities soon. The excitement grows as we speak – congratulations New Zealand, we did it xoxo πŸŽ‰πŸ™‹πŸ½πŸ†πŸ₯‡ 

P.S You many be wondering what this post has to do with sobriety, recovery, this blog? Fair question! The answer – nothing! I’m just excited and wanted to share this special moment with you. Per the pic, there’ll be copious amounts of booze consumed to celebrate this historical event. And good on ’em! Well deserved. Whether it’s bubbles, beer or something non-alcoholic in our glasses, let’s toast this momentuous occaision together. Cheers everybody xoxo 

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