Alcoholfree living:  Loving the weekends.

Since my last drink at New Years, the small things seem to be making the biggest impact. Let’s take Friday and Saturday nights, for example…

Friday and / or Saturday nights used to be drinking nights. I was always able to find lame excuse (a party, birthday, farewell or promotion) that ultimately gave rise to a drink or ten. We would eagerly organise ourselves such that there was a sober driver or other method to get us home safely. Me, sober drive?!? No way! 

Subsequently, my Saturday and / or Sunday mornings consisted of woeful activities like:

  • Furiously scanning my (sometimes hazy) memories of the night before, wondering what I might of said or done that was inappropriate / offensive / embarrassing
  • Anxiously checking my bank account, to see how much I’d spent. Other anxious checks sometimes included my phone. You know, for those discriminating calls / photos / social media for urgent deletion. The other check was my inventory, to ensure all possessions (eg phone, wallet, jacket, swipe cards) made it home safely with me.
  • Delicately approaching my partner, to gauge if he was pissy with me due to my behaviour from the night before. This then required me to go into damage control and apology mode as required.

Looking back, I’m disappointed at myself for getting so caught up in this pathetic game. What a waste of time and energy! The end result was that I was left feeling miserable, unhappy and more likely to drink again to mask the mess.

These days, I wake up feeling refreshed, alive and inspired. Isn’t it great to wake up without a hangover!?!? All the feelings and activities listed above are banished from my weekend morning activities. These days, it’s the small things that seem to be making the biggest impact on the alcoholfree version of me. Like making poached eggs on toast. Like enjoying coffee while being inspired by your WordPress adventures. Like knowing the world is my oyster … a run, a drive, a lunch date with friends. No hangovers to get in the way. Anything goes! 

In closing, the weekends have taken a 180* turn for the better. They don’t conjure up feelings of self loathing like the old days. 

It’s the small things that remind me about why I quit drinking.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. xoxo 

PS it’s wintertime here in New Zealand. So my walks to work are partly in darkness. Here’s a pic from Thursday’s walk to work. Very chilly after a wild, stormy night but so invigorating! 💙

20 thoughts on “Alcoholfree living:  Loving the weekends.

    • Nawwww, thank you my lovely friend! Quitting the booze has been the best (and possibly the hardest) life choice I have ever made. They say only 14% of those who give up drinking make it to 90 days. Then 4% make it to four years. These stats appealed to the competitive side in me! But having made almost seven months, I totally understand why these stats are so low.
      Hope your week is going well xoxo

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      • Those stats are sad…..But yay for you 7 months! You’re rockin’ it! No doubt it was and still is hard! Who doesn’t want to feel as good as you do? I’ve altered my own drinking – not given it up completely – but altered and I feel waaaay better than I did having a glass or two of wine every evening. I’ll still enjoy a glass or two on the weekend or for special occasions but hey – my jeans fit better, I sleep better and I feel better. Now if Kae just find her way to a happy place!
        Have a joyous weekend! xo

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  2. i could not agree more! weekends are now not a time of anxiety and hiding, but a time of true celebration of life! : D and I know you’re missing sunny summer, but with the 110+ heat here in Vegas I am so jealous of your nice cool looking picture! ❤

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    • Thank you for your lovely message. Looking back, it was such a constrained world.
      I agree, now our possibilities are endless… I love that we can be our best self for ourselves and our loved ones. Thank you for making this very important distinction.
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend my friend 😊


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