My first booze-free birthday! 🎁

This week, it was my birthday. It was my first birthday since… I don’t know when… probably since I was an early teen… that I celebrated it alcohol free.

You know how people think it’s imperative to celebrate / commiserate with booze? I was one of those people. Because that’s what the majority of Kiwis grew / grow up with. I grew up seeing adults drinking booze at birthday parties. You know, kegs in your 20’s, champagne at weddings and a yardie (or 21 shots) on 21st birthdays. Pretty tragic that I grew up thinking I could only have fun and celebrate with a drink in my hand.

Anyway, I followed in the typical Kiwi boozer footsteps. But rather than retaining a restrained pace, I started drinking more, ever so gradually, over these last few years. The inevitable train wreck was comming at me faster and faster, so I threw myself off before the momentum got too out of control.

I threw myself off that train almost a year ago.

Anyway, this was my first birthday as an adult that I didn’t get shitfaced. I was actually pretty nervous. But you know what? It was one of THE best birthdays ever!!! It was the incredible humans that I had the privilege of spending my evening with that made my day. I love these people. They love me for who I am and they respect that I’m no longer one of the hard drinkers in the group. They are part of my new tribe. Sure some of them were drinking and that didn’t actually bother me which I found interesting. But the vast majority weren’t drinking. And we had SUCH a great time!

What I also loved was waking up the morning after to a bright, glorious summers morning WITHOUT A HANGOVER!!! What a novelty.

As a wise friend observed today at lunch, I’m not sure I could have gotten through the birthday if I was only a month or so into this alcohol free ‘thing’. I would have been too weak. But now I am stronger. And I’m not sure if I could have gotten through without having read all the information I’d read (I believe knowledge is power). Some close friends and my rockstar partner were also key. As were you and your blogs, here on WordPress.

Welcome to the new and improved me. Thank you for reading 🤗

29 thoughts on “My first booze-free birthday! 🎁

    • Hello my friend, onwards and upwards we go! I think that happens to me too, I mean, I NEVER thought any human could have a birthday without copious amounts of booze. That was how we thought. Argh, still makes me cringe, looking back.
      Thanks for your message and I wish you a relaxing and fun time this festive season 😊


    • Oh you are so right – I never believed celebrating a birthday could be fun sober. Until this year, that is. Much much better.
      Thanks for reconnecting, I’m looking forward to reading your latest blogs and contributing back into this wonderful community in 2018. Happy holidays 🎄🌺❤️

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    • Oh I love it when you’re cute little black kitty pic pops up in my notifications!!! Always makes me smile. 🐈
      And thanks for reconnecting and your support, isn’t life so much better sans the booze! Well done on your alcoholfree birthdays, its so great waking up without a hangover and with 💯% of the recollections. Bigs hugs xoxo

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      • Hahah that made my day!! My cute little black kitty pic… it is pretty cute >^..^<

        Waking up without a hangover will never ever get old that’s for sure. Every morning I’m always reassured all over again how good of an idea it was NOT to drink and stay sober regardless of what my brain was telling me or how bored. Xxx but hugs and happy belated Merry Christmas lovely ❤️🎄

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    • Hello my friend, I’m so sorry I don’t know how I managed to miss your lovely note. Argh! Refamiliarising myself with WordPress after having been away, perhaps 😆🤦🏽‍♀️
      Well done on your sober birthday on your day seven, gosh that would have been a true test. My respect for nailing it!
      Sending summer sunshine your way 🔆🔆🔆


  1. Happy Sober Birthday!! As we are expecting “ice pellets” (although the temp is going from 34 degrees now, at 6;30am, to 51 degrees high today) I am envious. I have never seen ice pellets as a forecast. Weird. ❤

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    • Ice pellets! That’s an interesting forecast aright. I had to do a double-take as I was wondering ‘hmmm 34 seems deliciously warm for ice’ but then clicked as I realised you’re talking in F not C 😆🤦🏽‍♀️.
      And thanks for your well wishes, I’m excited to be sharing it with you and getting back to WordPress to read your writing.
      Hope the ice pellets weren’t as threatening as they sound ❤️

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  2. Good for you! I’m glad you enjoyed your first alcohol-free birthday as an adult!

    I just had my birthday a few days ago too…. and three years of freedom 🙂

    Wishing you a joyous 2018, living life to the full…. and being able to remember it all!


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