No Wine I’m Fine – 17 months on

Hi everyone

The other day, my little Nomo app told me I’m 500 days alcohol free. Next month, I’ll be 18 months alcohol free. You’ve been an instrumental part of my journey, thank you for your motivation, tips and ideas along the way. Time flies!

I wondered what might be a meaningful topic to share with you this on my early morning commute to work. I’m not too sure what would resonate so please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to hear about in the comments below.

Looking back on previous posts, what I’ve written all still seems to resonate with me. So I’m keen not to waste your time by rehashing what’s already there. For now, I’ll simply share a bit about my morning.

I chose to go to work early because I’m a morning person. 5am is when I get up. Breakfast, gratitude journal, morning meditation and a bunch of yoga stretches all happen before I leave the house. I leave the house early not because I have a long or difficult commute – quite the opposite. If you’ve seen my morning photos on Twitter, you’ll know what I’m taking about. Rather, I chose to leave early, chose to start work early and chose to finish early. Overtime isn’t in my vocabulary; never has been and never will. Boundaries are key.

This morning I’m going in a bit earlier than normal to have breakfast with a colleague. He’s been one of many awesome supporters of my alcoholfree journey. I remember when I was weak, vulnerable and struggling back at about the three – six month mark. Him, like others, where there for me. We haven’t caught up for a while so I’m looking forward to it – and a massive breakfast, too!

Enjoy the rest of your week, thanks for dropping by. As mentioned, I’d love to hear your ideas for future posts in the comments below.

Big hugs! xoxo πŸŒΈπŸ”†πŸŒΏβœ¨

15 thoughts on “No Wine I’m Fine – 17 months on

  1. So good to hear how well you’re doing, nice to just hear how your day is going. I am the same about work, I like to be home on time, I have a life! I know my boss has been heard to moan about people leaving sharp at 5pm and calls it clock watching, what he ignores is that fact that a lot of people start at least an hour early, so if he had some common sense he would see he is the clear winner! I have always worked on if there is an emergency or problem, but on a normal day I like to get home to be in the sunshine and water my garden! as you rightly say, boundaries! have a great weekend xxx

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    • Hi lovely, thanks for your message. Way to go, not letting a boss like that get in your way. I love your approach. Like you, I’m happy to work a bit longer if things happen. But it’s give and take; on a quieter day I leave early. Keep being strong. I’m sure you are inspiring others in the office to leave on time too.
      And a happy weekend to you too😘


  2. “Breakfast, gratitude journal, morning meditation and a bunch of yoga stretches all happen before I leave the house.” Now that’s a fabulous way to start each day! So inspiring NWIF. Congrats!

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    • Hi Elizabeth! Everyone has a morning routine that sets them up well for the day… it took me ages to find mine! Lots of trial and error πŸ˜† I must jump over to your blog as it’s been too long. Happy weekend my friend, have a good one xoxo

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  3. Congratulations and well done on setting boundaries! I’m only just discovering in the past few months that these are okay and essential (always fell into the guilt and “shoulds” before). Thank you for all your posts (and lovely photos)!

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    • Boundaries, aren’t they tough!!! Just when you think you have one sorted, then boom! Another situation or person comes along. We will get stronger, the guilt will hopefully fall away with time. Love your positivity, it’s so refreshing! βœ¨πŸ”†πŸ˜˜


    • Thank you so much! It still feels surreal…. boozing was my life! Now it’s not, feels like a totally different person. Almost not me. But I’ll happily take the new me over the old me any day! xoxo

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