689 days once my last drink

Hi friends!

It’s been a while. How’s things? Are you keeping well? Have you started putting Christmas decorations out yet?!?

Since we were last in touch, a lot had been going on. That’s kind of why I have been a bit absent … my social media has dropped considerably now that I’m learning new (alcohol free!) ways to have fun, to relax and to socialize. I have missed you though and am looking forward to reconnecting.

Having been a drinker all my adult life, I didn’t expect any of this. All I knew about life was that weekends were for drinking, Fridays were for drinking, and any day in between when I felt stressed/overwhelmed/excited/celebrating a birthday etc was also for drinking. I could always conjure up a feeble excuse to crack a bottle of wine… I cringe at how lame I was, this time two years ago.

These days, I reflect back on who I was and feel a deep sense of sadness. I was such a fragile person with no self confidence; I was in such a different place to where I am today. I appeared fun, bubbly and social on the outside but was actually sad, lonely and isolated in the inside. I didn’t know how to cope with grown-up situations in a grown-up way. Recently someone told me that if a person starts drinking heavily as a teen, their emotional growth/ability to cope with life gets stunted. They age physically but retain the coping skills of a teenager.

And you know what? I think this might have some truth in it. Without a fierce intervention 689 days ago, I firmly believe I’d still be on that dark slippery slope. Alcohol was the cause. It took a lot of hard work and cold hard truths before I woke up: there is more to life than alcohol.

These days, the trees look vibrant green and the sky a beautiful blue. It’s the small things that I look forward to each weekend like gardening, lunches with friends, meditation and running. In fact, it’s almost summer which means our days are getting longer. Morning beach runs are my favorite way to kick start the day. So, I’ll leave you with a pic from this morning’s run. Enjoy x

Sending love and hugs,


17 thoughts on “689 days once my last drink

  1. Great to “see” you NWIF!! I don’t know how many days I have but 12/15 I’ll have 1.5 yrs! So happy to be sober. I’ve pretty much been off all social media as well and don’t feel at all inspired to write. Keeping the blog up just in case. Oh how I wish we were heading into summer- it’s only 15 degrees out there at the moment. 😦 Your pic is gorgeous. I’d run my tail off every day if I had that scenery to inspire me. Love you, girl! ❀

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    • Hi lovely, so so nice to hear from you! Sounds like you’re doing really well – 1.5 years is amazing! And thanks for the kind words about the pic. I feel so blessed to wake up sober and to get out there at the crack of dawn.
      More loving, less social media sounds like you have a great balance. Big hugs πŸ˜˜πŸŒΊπŸ’•βœ¨

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    • Thanks for your lovely message πŸŒΈπŸ’• Stronger, that’s so true! Agree, not all sunshine and roses… but the number of days that are like this is far outweighs the bad. Not like before. Thanks for popping by xx

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