Second summer without alcohol – and it’s amazing!

On 01/01/19 I woke with elation rather than a hangover – I had made it to two years without a drop of alcohol. To celebrate this milestone, I saved my drinking money and spent two weeks in Bali doing yoga and hiking. It was an incredible experience – head over to my twitter page if you’d like to see some pics or my previous blog post here.

It’s now mid-Jan and for most of us Kiwis, our summer holidays are comming to an end. I was in denial about starting work for the first time in about three weeks but really, I should be grateful for the wonderful break. Even though we’re back at work, the summer is in full swing! Sunrise is about 5:15am and it’s almost 20*C by 6am. Wellington sits between 19*C and 25*C during the day and the high teens overnight. Then sunset is around 9:15pm. I’m a big fan of these long summer days – but not to drink! That was the old me. I’m a fan because I can get out early and go running before work or eat fish ‘n chips at the beach with my other half at 7pm. I can meditate on the grass underneath our fig tree. Most things bring me joy these days.

This is Kiwi summer at its finest. But you know what I love the most about it? That I’m now able to enjoy my summer mornings and evenings without alcohol. I never thought this was possible, always needed a glass in my hand to be ‘having fun’. But actually, that wasn’t having fun. That was a waste of my life and my health. Man I was so deluded.

But that was then and this is now. Life is good. Life is fun!

Here’s a snap from this morning’s run. I woke about 5:30am and it was so still and beautiful outside, I simply had to get out there.

Enjoy your weekend friends, be safe and be happy.

Sending love xoxo

12 thoughts on “Second summer without alcohol – and it’s amazing!

    • Hi there, thanks so much for your support. I needed to set mini milestones and have rewards so that I kept my focus. Feeling much better for it than I did when I frittered cash away on booze. Have a great Sunday 😊🙏🏼✨

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    • Happy new year my friend, oh I agree 💯%! Looking back, drinking my life away was so boooorring. But I thought it was fabulous at the time. I’m so glad that’s not me anymore. Have a great weekend my friend 😊✨💕


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