Quitting drinking: Chasing an unattainable dream

For decades I wore contacts. Back in my drinking days, I would stagger to the bathroom and take them out. I’d often miss the contact lens container and wake up lens-less in the morning. Contacts were always an inconvenience … even as a sober person!

Since I quit drinking just over two years ago, I’ve started to do things to grow myself, do-it-yourself maintenance on our home and supporting other people who are quitting drinking. I enjoy volunteer work and being more emotionally available to friends and family.

One of the things I chose to do for myself was laser eye surgery. In New Zealand, it costs about NZ$6,500 or $US4,000. As a drinker, it was so costly so I never entertained the idea. I needed my spare change for wine! But once I quit, I’ve been saving my drinking money and put it towards things like this surgery.

This afternoon I had laser eye surgery. Goodbye contact lenses, hello freedom!

So now we are here, slightly drugged from the sedative and the job is done. I can’t really see and expect a few days to recover.

In closing, I am slowly learning that so much is possible when you begin a life without alcohol. Two years ago, I thought laser eye surgery was so unattainable. I never thought I could do it. But now I am here, and I believe that anything is possible if we put our mind to it.

If you have a goal, I encourage you to chase it, focus on it, and ignore people who try to talk you out of it. You are worth it. Let the best version of yourself shine!

I’d love to hear from you – what have you have treated yourself to, since you gave up drinking?

Wishing you all a great week. Thank you for reading xoxo

PS I took this photo last week. We were on an early morning road trip and the sunrise put on a delightful show for us!

12 thoughts on “Quitting drinking: Chasing an unattainable dream

  1. โ€œIf you have a goal, I encourage you to chase it, focus on it, and ignore people who try to talk you out of it. You are worth it. Let the best version of yourself shine!โ€

    Thank you! Iโ€™ve been thinking about doing this for a while and I realise I always have excuses which are almost always rooted in what other people will think and youโ€™ve encouraged me!

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    • Good morning! Thank you so much. Iโ€™m looking forward to being able to see more clearly too! Hereโ€™s to new eyes ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿ˜˜
      PS I love your account name, Restyling My Life. Very cool!

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  2. Good for you NWIF! With all the dough I’ve been saving I’ve just been getting everything I let go in order. Feels so freakin’ good. An orderly life. And a huge dose of PEACE! Hey this pic (as all your pics are) is stunning- may I use it for a blog post? I will be sure to assign you the credit and provide a link to your blog. No pressure- totally respect and understand either way! Love you, girl!

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