Recovery resources

Over the comming months, I’ll regularly update this repository with resources and write about my experiences using them. Some will be online, some will be books, some will be New Zealand-based organisations.

Either way, I encourage you to check back from time to time. A resource that works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Quick disclaimer: I’m not associated with any of these resources in any way, nor am I attesting to anyone how successful they will be for anyone other than myself.

Experiment! Be curious! Ask questions! Cherry pick the bits that resonate with you. And send me a question anytime, I’d love to hear from you.


Grace, Annie. This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol 2015 This is my all time favourite resource!!!! I wrote a blog about how it totally changed my outlook on alcohol here βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨

Knapp, Caroline. Drinking: A Love Story 1996 

New Zealand-based website & online community

  1. Living Sober

Podcasts & websites

  1. This the THE BEST resource of all time. Leo is the man! He tells it like it is. NOT for the faint hearted.
  2. Erin Geraghty: Thriving after Addiction using Yoga and Meditation
  3. Recovery Elevator
  4. The 5am Miracle with Jeff Sanders
  5. Being Careful: Self Care and the Pursuit of Mindfulness
  6. Hay House World Summit
  7. Mindful Recovery with Robert Cox




4 thoughts on “Recovery resources

      • Hello hello! AF friends are fab to get to know where it’s all raw and real in glorious Technicolour. Particularly lovely to connect with an AF twin! I dont post about being AF but I can feel a one-of coming on! And definitely keen on finding and promoting eating spots here in London that offer great AF choices. More to do with increased awareness and dare I say acceptance and consideration of those who choose not to drink – I rarely feel the need for anything other than sparkling water .. Anyway I ramble! Nice to connect with you here I have many social media platforms I only use WordPress sporadically- see ya have a rewarding week ✨🌈

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